29 Jan


29 Aug


Pretty much sums up how I feel about most things:

27 Aug

When there were no colors in the world

Ella: “Is it true that if I lived a long time ago I wouldn’t be able to be a firefighter or policeman?” Me: “Yes, a long time ago.” Ella: “So what do you think caused the problem?” Me: “Well, boys … more

5 Jun

Ella can’t wait to be Six

20 Jan

Dr. MLK, Jr.

“The reason I used these colors is because MLK, Jr. helped peach and brown people get along.”

1 Jun

Dreams DO come true!

A year ago: Ella, curiously: “I want to have a baby sister. When am I going to get a baby?” Me: “I don’t know.” Nine months ago: Ella, persistently: “When am I going to get a baby?” Me: “Hmmm…I don’t … more

23 May

Plant and meat eaters

Hemingway once said that it takes two years for humans to learn how to talk and the next 50 years to learn how to be quiet. That is certainly proving true with our talkative daughter, who at age the age … more

11 May

Recycling Wheel

Last night, I closed Sleeping Beauty, kissed her forehead and started leaving the room, when she jumped up. Ella: “I know! It’s like a recycling wheel.” Me (exhausted, indifferent): “What is?” Ella: “The queen and king have a daughter. Then … more

3 May

Luna’s First Poem

Here’s what happens when I give my 4.5 year old daughter a school assignment I have used with my high school students:  I AM  I am (list two special characteristics you have) happy and sad I wonder (list something you … more

10 Mar

Roly Poly

Ella: “Guess what? We got a worm, a centipede and a roly poly in our classroom.” Me: “What’s a roly poly?” (funny word in English, rings no bells in my native language) Ella: “Roly polies are a type of creatures … more