29 Feb

Q & A, four year old style

After school one day… Ella: “Mommy, we are having a Beiber party?” Me: [holy crap, how does she know about Justin Beiber?] “What’s a Beiber party?” Ella: “A party with lots of animals.” Me: [huge sigh of relief] *** But, … more

10 Feb

Someone Like You…

16 Jan

Ella’s first emails

Ella got a toy pink laptop. She insisted on sitting at the desk and composing a few emails to all the people that are away: “Draga baba (grandma), we love you so much. We are gonna ribit fish. We are … more

13 May

“Me Time” by Tina Fey

Just started reading Tina Fey’s hilarious, easily digestible, great-to-read-in-small-bits-before-passing-out-around-9pm memoir Bossypants. Here’s one of many LMAO bits from page 243: “Me Time” An expert will tell you, the best thing a mom could do to be a better mom is … more

22 Apr

Hippie Luna

When you take care of the planet Earthf, the Earthf takes care of you. Earthf needs to be clean so that we can all be healfthy. Earthf is really fragile.

24 Mar

Little Storyteller

23 Jan

Raising a bilingual child is such a provala

I thought it was a no brainer. Allen and I would exclusively speak our native language at home and – TAH-DAH – Ella will learn it. Pretty simple, right? But when both of us work full time and when everything … more

19 Jan


If 2 year olds are infamous for tantrums and the word “NO,” 3 year olds are insatiably curious with the never ending “Why” questions that seem to take all day to answer. The conversations either end with my lack of … more

25 Jul

Djevojka Dana – jeftini trikovi najjeftinijih Hrvatskih novina*

“Mama koju cu novinu kupit? – pitam ja mamu kad san tek stigla ovo lito, jer djirovi i ukusi se mjenjanju, a ja nisam bila dvi godine. “Kupi 24 sata ona je najjeftinija,” kaze mama, pa ja izbrojim 4 gvozdana sitnisa … more

15 Jun

Potty Training by the Sea

This is the summer to become diaper free. For the most part, except to sleep at night, the diapers are off and away from sight, but even a week later, the battle continues. Mostly, Ella forgets to go when she is … more