15 Oct

Peel me a Pomegranate

(exerpt from my unpublished memoir by the same name) Saturday afternoon. Father on a business trip as usual. Leo and I at the beach or playing outside, of course. Sticky heat behind the ears and inside Mom’s thighs where they … more

15 Oct

Another Way to Peel a Pomegranate by Lisa Harper

My creative writing professor, mentor and fellow mommy, Lisa Harper wrote about pomegranate peeling, eating and drinking in her blog, Learning to Eat. She mentions my memoir and the pomegranate story that is at the heart of it all. Read … more

17 Jun


I’m not from here, I’m from some place different than this. Where letters are hand delivered at quarter past noon, just as the chess game is coming to an end.Where cell phones don’t go off on Sundays; where apartments have … more