1 Jun

R’s Laws of Life, Final Draft

Since being sentenced to Camp, my attitude has changed. Months ago my laws of life were negative laws, such as drugs and gangs. I’ve learned my real laws of life: stay focused on myself, stop doing drugs, get an education, and love my family. more

19 Feb

Love is…

Love is like diarrhea, you can’t hold it in more

13 Feb

It’s ending with Bye

Every year I create a special bond with a student. I can’t help it. It’s always the toughest kid, the one who never brings a pencil, or paper, who can’t read past fourth grade, who has never written more than a paragraph, … more

9 Feb


Teacher: “Can someone describe a typical day in your English classroom at your original school?” Student: “Sitting, listening, not talking, leaving.” *** Golden lines from analogy poems: Student JH: “If I were a color, I would be white, because I … more

12 Jan

Fincinator 5000

You know you are in Ms. Finci’s class if: If your teacher is from Croatia If your teacher cackles If your teacher has short hair If your teacher has a Smartboard If you can only go to the bathroom once … more

4 Oct

The Best of…The Bucket List

Assignment: Make a list of things you want to do before you “kick the bucket.” • Go into Michael Jackson’s amusement park • Make Carlos a quiet person • Become Batman • Have a shoot out with some terrorists • … more

1 Oct

Overheard in September ’10

“ Student (first week of school): “You look like Alfalfa from Little Rascals.” Student A: “Did he get his Phd or doctorate?” Student B: “They are the same thing!” Student A: “Doctorate sounds better than Phd. Phd sounds like a … more

28 May

Overheard in May

Teacher on April 29: “Ok, tomorrow, wear all white in support of immigration reform. I know I will.” Student: “You don’t have to wear white. You are already too pale.” *** Define parasite: Student reading out of the dictionary: “Parasite … more

25 May

Malcolm X Rap

Assignment: Who is Malcolm X? In this 2 page paper, your job is to teach others about this important historical figure from The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Evaluate him as a civil rights leader and a human being: Was he … more

3 May

Overheard in April

Grandparent, in an email: “I truly appreciate all that you do, and I am committed to getting him to graduate. Of course by then I will need to be committed.” *** Student: “You look nice today, if you were going … more