29 Jan

Kindergarten Phonetic Speller

15 Jun

Potty Training by the Sea

This is the summer to become diaper free. For the most part, except to sleep at night, the diapers are off and away from sight, but even a week later, the battle continues. Mostly, Ella forgets to go when she is … more

3 May

Overheard in April

Grandparent, in an email: “I truly appreciate all that you do, and I am committed to getting him to graduate. Of course by then I will need to be committed.” *** Student: “You look nice today, if you were going … more

27 Apr

Take a Right On the Wrong Street

Assignment: Imagine your life as road and identify a major obstacle on your life’s journey so far. Everyone has to face major obstacles in their life, no matter who they are. Adults face more challenges than teens do. Adults have … more

15 Apr

The Realest One

Hello Ms Finci! If there is one thing I can say about your class, it’s that it makes me feel happy because it makes me feel like I am back at a regular school. Your class isn’t terribly difficult but … more

22 Mar

The American Dream

Assigment: Define the American Dream and how it has changed over time.   Currently, the term American Dream, is extremely vague and ambiguous. The American Dream isn’t as socially known as it was several decades ago, but the notion of … more

10 Mar

Overheard in February

Joke of the month: We were writing letters to James McBride, the author of the memoir The Color of Water we had just finished reading. Most students were engaged and asked some probing and deep questions about his work and … more

10 Mar

Overheard in January

January, the month of atrocious student written work…   Apology letter: Dear Ms. Finci, I am sorry that I didn’t try enough in your class and show you the respect that you deserved. I know your a great teacher and … more

14 Feb

I wanna know what love is…

Love is the only light in the darkness that surrounds us Love is like the munchies Love is like an elephant slow but big Love is like a drug, it can make you do crazy things Love is fire Love … more

10 Feb

Sub Secret Admirer

This year, I have been out of the classroom a lot, having to get a substitute for various meetings, conferences, district and school business, not to mention Ella’s colds and flus. Mid-way through the first semester, N, a new student … more