14 Feb

I wanna know what love is…

Love is the only light in the darkness that surrounds us

Love is like the munchies

Love is like an elephant slow but big

Love is like a drug, it can make you do crazy things

Love is fire

Love is chocolate. Disgusting.

Love is impossible

Love is too much to handle when you have it for food

Love is doing whatever your lover wants, makes you happy or sad, for better or for worse even if it means letting go.

Love is like a hand sanitizer, it kills everything…

Love is all of the above, love runs through your blood, love is like a dove, love is like a push or a shove, love is all of the above.

Love is when you have trouble sleeping from thinking about the one you love.

Love is like a flower; it’s beautiful in spring and dies in winter.

Love is like a gun, either kills you or saves you

Love is when you can’t sleep at night because reality is better than your dreams.

Love is like a candle; burns well and eventually burns out.

Love is a road that is never ending.

Love is like a dozen roses.

Love is: a great feeling/connection that you have with people that can hurt or build you.

Love is like a brand new car; you love it so much but it doesn’t last forever (and when it gets old, you buy a new one)

Love is like a new pair of shoes.

Love is like weed; it makes you high but it doesn’t last forever.

Love is like a hemorrhoid.

Love is Brenda & Ivan – together forever.

Love is what keeps us living.

Love is like a catchy song that never leaves your head.

Love is like a new flower, it takes time to bloom.

Love is when you get cheeseburgers in your stomach.

Love is a four letter word.

Love is like a flame; it may burn but can always go out in an instant.

Love is like a hole.

Love is like explaining how water tastes, completely impossible.

Love is like taking a crap, it stinks but feels good.

Love is 8 letters so it’s B.S.

I’m too young to know what love is

Love is like a star; it shines your life.

Love is like a disease once it infects your body there is nothing that can cure it.

Love is unconditional, overwhelming, scary, unexpected, painful, and beautiful.

Love is beautiful.

Love is selfless, a deep compassion filled with ecstasy and sacrifice.

Love is a legal drug.

Love is like a tattoo that lasts forever.

Love is like a tree, it grows with time.

I want to know what love is…

Love is something I am afraid of not when I don’t feel it but when I am alone

Love is like riding on the short bus, it’s a bumpy ride, and it makes you feel retarded.

Love is like my grade; I never get it to where I want it.




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