11 May

Recycling Wheel

Last night, I closed Sleeping Beauty, kissed her forehead and started leaving the room, when she jumped up.

Ella: “I know! It’s like a recycling wheel.”

Me (exhausted, indifferent): “What is?”

Ella: “The queen and king have a daughter. Then the daughter grows up and finds a prince. Then the prince and princess have a baby.”

Me: “I see…”

Ella: “Like Baka and Deda had daddy. Then daddy and you had ME! A recycling wheel!!!”

Me (using my best teacher voice): “That’s right. You made a connection.”

Ella: “Why doesn’t Baba have anybody?”

Me: “She did but her husband died. My daddy died.”

Ella: “How did he die? Tell me a story about how he died.”

Me: “I’m sorry, I can’t. It makes me sad.”

Ella: “Why doesn’t Leo have anybody but his dog?”

Me: “He does. He has his girlfriend.”

Ella: “But why don’t they live together?”

Me: “They are not married yet. Maybe in a few years.”

Ella: “Oh. I don’t want to get married. I want to stay with mommy and daddy forever.”

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