27 Aug

When there were no colors in the world

278Ella: “Is it true that if I lived a long time ago I wouldn’t be able to be a firefighter or policeman?”
Me: “Yes, a long time ago.”

Ella: “So what do you think caused the problem?”

Me: “Well, boys thought they could do it better, I guess.”
Ella: “Yes, boys think they are better than girls.”
Me: “What about girls? Do think they are better than boys?”
Ella: “No! So because of that you have to be careful who you marry.”
Me: “What do you mean?”
Ella: “Well, you have to wait a long time to make sure that person is not mean to you because if they are mean, then you can be like Bye, I’m going to look for someone else. So how old we’re you when you got married?”
Me: “27”
Ella: “Oh 27, that’s pretty good. That means you waited a long time.”
Me: “So why do you think we don’t have a girl president?”
Ella: “Maybe because some boys think they are better than girls.”
Me: “Should we?”
Ella: “Yes because it’s important to know what girls will talk about because when you are president you talk a lot.”
Me: “What do you think a girl president would talk about?”
Ella: “I don’t know! I’m not in her brain!”

… a few minutes later…

Ella: “So anyway tell me what else you didn’t have a long time ago when you were a kid? Or during slavery time? When there were no colors in the world.”

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